Reclaim 5 hours of Your Week Every Week!
Reclaim 5 hours of Your Week Every Week!
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I cut a recurring task in nearly half

I have been way too swamped with constant phone calls appointments and whatnot. But I remembered most of what we talked about especially with regard to how to shorten my consultations. Keeping those tips in mind I’ve started focusing a lot more my consultations of people, and I’ve been able to bring them down [from 1 hour] to about 35 minutes. I’m taking back more of my time! You really are terrific!

- Lawyer

Working 20 hours less each week

“Before I started working with Virginia, I was working over 60 hours per week. I was always really busy and behind but I couldn’t figure out where my time went. I also felt like my emails drove whatever I did that day. I’ve tried other time management programs and none of them would stick.
After working with Virginia, I now work 20 hours less in my business each week. I’ve reclaimed my nights and weekends. I couldn’t be happier. And, the best part is that the program was easy and the exercises and homework were enlightening and enjoyable.”

- Health Coach

I’m not behind in my work!

“I’m not behind in my work! I’m totally on top of things right now thanks to Virginia. She gives you very practical things you can do to fix problems now. We addressed real issue that impact my business. She’s given me good strategies and a mental frame of mind that are helping my business run more smoothly and be more profitable. She understands my business and I how I think and work. I don’t know how it came to be that she understands these things so well. But it’s cool and kinda scary. As we worked together, she hit the nail on the head and her advice has me sticking to doing things that I’ve been meaning to do for years.”

- Lawyer

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Reclaim 5 Hours of Your Time Every Week

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