If your systems are constantly falling apart, breaking down, or too cumbersome to keep up, then think of the problem like a weed.

What do systems have to do with weeds?

Imagine you’re pulling weeds in your garden. If you go through just ripping the leaves off, the garden will look nice for the rest of the day, and maybe the next, but the leaves are going to start to appear soon after that.

If you want long lasting results, you need to pull the weed out at the root. Then, that weed will be gone forever.

If you’ve implemented a system that has fallen apart, then you’ve likely been creating something that gets rid of the surface problem, but not the root problem. (How many times have you cleared away that pile of business cards only to find that they start to pile up a few days later?)

It’s critical to implement the system below the surface, where the problem originates. This way, you’ll be able to easily maintain the system for the long haul and it won’t fall apart.

Another nice benefit to doing it this way is that often other problems go away. Just like with weeds, many leaves can grow from one root. Similarly, one good, solid system can fix many problems.

Let me know if you’re having trouble identifying the root cause. I’d be happy to help.

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