Reclaim 5 hours of Your Week Every Week!
Reclaim 5 hours of Your Week Every Week!
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Sign up and receive Virginia's free 4-Step System.

Everyone loves Virginia’s engaging presentations! Check out the rave reviews from organizers and attendees!

Her presentation (is) a clear winner!

”Listening to Virginia Maddan it became abundantly clear she knows what she is talking about… She adeptly handled questions whether they were related to an individual’s struggle to manage email or an office managers struggle with maintaining systems. Her unpretentious style combined with her earnest desire to help contributed to making her presentation a clear winner. Thanks Virginia.”

- Life Coach

Virginia is just awesome!

“Virginia is just awesome. I was overwhelmed with my workload and Virginia gave me great time management advice that I could implement immediately to decrease my stress. I was so impressed, I had her come and give a presentation to the entire staff at my firm on time management and productivity. Again she was superb. I highly recommend her!”

– Bookkeeper

Your presentation inspired me

“The information and, especially your comfortable style of presenting, yielded a great response from the audience. You made the complications of time management seem more simplistic and the enormity of organizing more doable. Your presentation actually inspired me to tackle some small and large organizing projects that week!”

– Executive Director, Golden Gate Business Association

I’m thrilled!!

“As a small business owner, I’m always interested in learning ways to maximize my time and increase productivity. One of the things I struggle with is remaining on task with phone calls and email hijacking my time. I left Virginia’s talk with practical solutions that I can implement today… I’m thrilled!! Organizing can be a very intimidating prospect for some people, but Virginia has a way of inspiring action without being a drill sergeant. She truly has a way of connecting with people, cutting through the “BS,” and getting right to the heart of the matter…I would recommend her services without hesitation. She’s definitely an expert!!”

- Resume Writer

I am relishing in the beauty & momentum it created.

”Big whopping thanks to you, Virginia Maddan!! I took inspiration from you and… I feel so utterly accomplished and excited that I redid things in a way that I’m confident will work for me… that makes my heart sing. Thank you!!! I am relishing in the beauty & momentum it created. I’m definitely inspired to keep going, whereas usually I feel happy, but pessimistic about it actually staying organized.”

– Coach

We highly recommend her!

“Virginia…came into our busy office of stressed out staff during our busiest time, Tax Season. We all got a lot out of her presentation. She introduced some…time management tools that we were all able to put into practice immediately. I am confident that my team found value in her points. We highly recommend her!”

– Business Owner

You were amazing!!!

“You rocked the house tonight! You can take that show on the road…This was one of the best presentations I’ve seen in quite a long time. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom. You were amazing!!! I can’t stress enough how well thought out and presented your presentation was. I was very impressed. My group’s members literally felt like you have thrown them a lifeline!”

– President, Connect to Success PDX

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