Reclaim 5 hours of Your Week Every Week!
Reclaim 5 hours of Your Week Every Week!
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Worth every penny

I knew I needed to get organized, especially after living in the same apartment for many years and not doing a great job of getting rid of old things.

However, I kept thinking that if I just buckled down, I should be able to do it myself.

It wasn’t happening though, so I decided to make the investment in getting help.

Many of the reviews here mentioned staying organized well after working with Virginia, and that has been my experience too!

In addition to helping me go through, get rid of, and organize actual items in person, Virginia also taught me strategies and methods of envisioning what I want, examining resistance that comes up, and developing tactics for moving through it all to put solutions in place that really work, all while providing just the right amount of structure, process, and accountability to help me meet my goals.

After working with Virginia, my apartment is looking and feeling the way I have been wanting it to for a looong time, and it feels really wonderful!

- home organization

I can maintain the organization

Our condo is SO organized!!  Everything has it’s place and I’ve been able to maintain the organization.  I feel better about my space than I have in years.  We organized closets, shelves, and created storage for new things.  I’m so grateful!

- Home organization

Better than therapy

Your 5 star reputation remains intact! Such warm, non-judgmental help from both of you. Much appreciated. I would choose your services over therapy.

- Declutter

Fantastic, realistic tips

After having our first baby, my house was in chaos.  I still hadn’t packed away my maternity things and my son was at the age where pulling the contents out of every cabinet was his top priority.  In our first meeting, Virginia came in and listened to my story, my concerns and my goals and she put together a plan that I could implement alone or she could help me with.   Before leaving, she organized my entire kitchen!  Totally invigorated from that victory, I invited Virginia back and she worked her magic on my closet and my filing cabinet, as well as other clutter hotspots throughout the house.  Virginia puts you at ease immediately, has fantastic, realistic tips and works in a very swift and non-judgmental way.  I’d recommend her for complete home overhauls or just a few hours of coaching while de-cluttering.


Solutions that work for ADD

“Virginia was hired to help me organize my home, after living her 5 years we still hadn’t found a really functional way to organize key areas. The challenge is that with ADD it is hard for me to stay organized and I needed systems that didn’t require a lot of focus and time. Virginia was able to work with me, learning a lot about my thought processes and come up with some solutions that were based on my strengths and would address some of my challenges. Virginia will definitely be coming back to help with some more projects.

It was an incredibly satisfying experience and a month later the systems are still working.”

- home organization

Everything looks the same months later

“Virginia is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to organizing and structuring space to be as efficient as possible. What has her stand heads above the rest is the fact that she customizes her work to your own personality and style. As a result, the structure and organization remains long after she’s helped you put it into place… months later it looks the same as the day she left. She made it easy for me.”

- Kitchen & Closets

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