Reclaim 5 hours of Your Week Every Week!
Reclaim 5 hours of Your Week Every Week!
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Sign up and receive Virginia's free 4-Step System.

Is disorganization causing you stress and overwhelm?

What could you accomplish if your CLUTTER DISAPPEARED?

Would you like to:

  • save money by not continually purchasing duplicate items?
  • locate important documents when you need them?
  • complete that project that just hasn’t gotten finished (even really large projects) ?
  • enjoy unexpected guests dropping by?
  • quickly and easily find things?

Want organization that sticks because it’s been customized for you?

My team and I can help you get organized for good. If you’re not sure how an organizing consultant can help you with customized solutions, call Virginia today at 415.868.5694 for your free, no obligation consultation!

We transform lives by changing your relationship with your possessions, and creating customized sustainable solutions. The results are a significant reduction in overwhelm and an increase in your quality of life.

We can help you meet your individual needs and realize your goals. Because life is more fun when you’re organized and you don’t have to think about the “stuff!”

What should you expect?

  • Organizing (of course!)
  • Space planning (if you’re not sure where to store things or how the room should be set up)
  • Recommendations for products, services, and vendors that will support the organizing systems we implement
  • Donation removal
  • Shopping for containers and other organizing products
  • How to get let go of things (even the emotionally charged sentimental stuff)

If you are motivated, but overwhelmed and disappointed by past organizing efforts, together, we can reduce your stress, increase your quality of life, and transform your space.

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What could you ACCOMPLISH with an extra hour a day?

If you don’t even know where to start,
contact Virginia today for your free, no obligation consultation!

I thought I was a pretty organized person. Things need to move fast and furious in my office. I thought finding a way to streamline things was hopeless. I gave Virginia a try and I can’t thank her enough helping me to get organized. Piles of paperwork vanished like magic and we came up with a system to keep things flowing! It made a world of difference for me, my business, and busy family schedule.

- Entrepreneur

“Virginia helped me create easy flowing, self-sufficient systems… If you are done wasting time attempting to make your workflow easier and more efficient… If you want to hire an employee to help and don’t have the time to train them so they don’t need constant micromanaging… Hire Virginia.”

– Health Coach

“It was so frustrating for me when I couldn’t seem to get a good method down for keeping track of all my professional contacts. I tried several different Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software applications… and I didn’t like any of them for various reasons. After listening and clarifying, she finally suggested I try something shockingly simple. I’ve stuck it with it… and my stress was replaced with empowerment.”

- Architect

“Virginia came highly recommended from another small business owner, and I could immediately tell why… Her philosophy of carefully tailoring advice to fit with each client’s preferred way of working makes changes doable and long-lasting rather than overwhelming or short-lived. I now have a concrete plan that I can execute over the next few months to get the office prepared for new employees as we grow. That’s one huge weight off my shoulders and now I can focus on the 1,000 other things I need to do.”

– Interior Designer

“Virginia is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to organizing and structuring space to be as efficient as possible. What has her stand heads above the rest is the fact that she customizes her work to your own personality and style. As a result, the structure and organization remains long after she’s helped you put it into place… months later it looks the same as the day she left. She made it easy for me.”

– Career Coach

“Virginia helped me create an organizational vision for my whole office and (unexpectedly) provided me with specific strategies, both practical… and theoretical… to cope with maintaining my office in a more orderly and welcoming fashion. I got so much more than I expected from working with her, and am very happy that I overcame my initial skepticism and reluctance and hired her to help me.”

– Realtor

“I’m not behind in my work! I’m totally on top of things right now thanks to Virginia. She gives you very practical things you can do to fix problems now. We addressed real issue that impact my business. She’s given me good strategies and a mental frame of mind that are helping my business run more smoothly and be more profitable. She understands my business and I how I think and work. I don’t know how it came to be that she understands these things so well. But it’s cool and kinda scary. As we worked together, she hit the nail on the head and her advice has me sticking to doing things that I’ve been meaning to do for years.”

- Lawyer
Transform your business and your life with customized, sustainable systems so you can put an extra 5 hours into your calendar and put thousands of dollars back in your business.
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