Take a break and be more productive!

Believe it or not but taking a break can really increase your productivity. Our focus improves after we’ve given ourselves a little down time. What makes the best kind of break? Don’t think about work Your brain is running a mile a minute pretty much all day. Relax...

Why are you checking your email now?

A long time ago back, my assistant accidentally scheduled an email to go out at 10:15 PM (instead of 10:15 AM) and I was shocked to see how many people opened it. I know that when most of my clients come to me they are working nights and weekends and checking email...

Can you follow your systems without thinking?

Have you ever driven home, arrived home, and then realized you weren’t even paying attention as you were driving? That experience is called unconscious competence (one of the four stages of competence) and it can be pretty unsettling in that example, but it’s what you...

Warning! Stop abandoning your systems!!!

Systems only work when you use them. Of course if you spent time and energy to set up a system that’s working really well for you, you’d keep using it. Right? You’d think that would be the case, but here are some common reasons why people stop using great systems: It...

A fool-proof way to get motivated

Waiting to tackle that project until you’re in the mood? If you’ve had something on the backburner for a while and you’re waiting for a little motivation, you’re going to be waiting for a long time. There’s a misconception that we’ll get around to doing something as...

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